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 WELCOME to the American Baptist Churches of the South, (ABCOTS), and our Website.  ABCOTS is a Maryland non-profit corporation associated as a covenanting Regional organization with the American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. We are elated and pleased to have you view us at this time.  See us in Missions, Evangelism and Denominational Work, supporting the local congregations serving the District of Columbia and 15 states throughout the southern United States. Join us in reaching the world for Christ believing and perpetuating His identity, His message and His ministry! 






Calendar of Giving
American Baptists have always been a people of mission; mission is in our DNA.
Our United Mission (UM) contributions give concrete expression to this impulse and help us to be the hands and feet of Christ – from the local congregation to all parts of the world.
It is through UM, our one family offering, that each giver is able to participate in the total ministry of our American Baptist family.

Message from the ABCOTS President

Greetings on behalf of the American Baptist Churches of the South (ABCOTS). We are a Region of the American Baptist Churches, USA, and we serve a unique and creative witness in the South, speaking to the need for increased unity, acceptance and trust among all people.Our purpose is to join God in mission in the world, as we bear witness to God's redemptive love, call people and nations to discipleship, and participate in God's action of liberation and reconciliation. We affirm that mission is the work of God. It springs from God's initiative, is guided by God's spirit, and is accomplished through God's power. As president of ABCOTS, I invite you to explore our website, here you can learn ways to support our ministry and mission. Also, if you desire to locate specific churches in the Region you will find them on the website.

Lacey Speight Alford   



Message from the ABCOTS Executive Minister


Get ready! Get ready! Great ready! We want to see you in Houston, Texas, April 25-27, Tuesday through Thursday.  American Baptist Churches of the South is meeting in its 47th Annual Session.  The 2017 theme embodies the denomination’s  organizational goals around unity, “Coming Together, Sharing Together, and Working Together with God”, supported with I Corinthians 3:9.  It will be here that we will have an opportunity to be exposed to many of the American Baptist denominational ministry partners and affiliates.

 The Pauline Epistles are situational, that is to say, they address specific concerns, issues and problems. Believers are divided about how to handle legal battles, how to rank spiritual gifts, how to deal with marital problems, and how to punish practitioners of certain immoral practices.  In all of these letters, Paul has at least two goals, that is, to preserve harmony and guard unity.  Preserve means to keep alive, make lasting, or to keep safe.  In our Churches we are to keep alive, harmony, or make it lasting and keep it safe.  Guard means to become the warden of, and to keep in custody.  In our Churches we are to become the wardens of unity and to keep unity in custody.  The Executive Minister must keep alive and make lasting harmony in the denomination.  The Executive Minister must also become the warden and keep in custody, unity within the denomination, leading everyone to become fellow workers together with God.  We then are His cultivated field.  It is God who continues to turn the soil over and over. 


 Let’s work together to Make giving affordable too!